Save It For The Gersch

Unfortunately, The Gersch was unable to record with me this week. He was out of town celebrating his parents 50th wedding anniversary. Since The Gersch is the other half of this thing and the one of the main reasons that I enjoy doing the podcast, I decided to hold off on a another host or guest. This one will be an all music episode. So if you’re trying to get in those extra reps or laps at the gym or you just need angry music to listen to, then consider this the perfect playlist for just that.

As usual the show can be found in iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown. You can also go to Podomatic to listen to the show.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy the show.

  1. Uniform Choice – “Screaming For Change” – Screaming For Change
  2. JFA – “Kick You” – We Know You Suck
  3. SS Decontrol -“Not Normal” – The Kids Will Have Their Say
  4. Swiz – “Pet Tricks” – No Punches Pulled
  5. Hogan’s Heroes – “Breaking Your Rules” – S/T
  6. Blue Ox – “Drop Out Anthem” – Wet Dreams & Nightmares
  7. Die Young (TX) – “Graven Images” – Graven Images
  8. Code Orange Kids – “Violence” – Code Orange Kids EP
  9. For Want Of – “Shattered City” – S/T
  10. Agenda Of Swine – “Amongst The Forgotten” – Waves Of Human Suffering
  11. Commit Suicide – “When Nothing Exists” – Human Larvae
  12. Brutal Truth – “Vision” – Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom
  13. the_Network – “Easter Just Stopped Showing Up” – Bishop Kent Manning
  14. 25 Ta Life – “Where It Begins” – New York’s Hardest 2
  15. Crucified – “Welcome” – Steel Nation/Crucified split EP
  16. Subzero – “Suffer, Squeal, Burn” – The Suffering Of Man
  17. 50 Lions – “Means To An End” – Where Life Expires
  18. 100 Demons – “Hard Surprise” – In The Eyes Of The Lord
  19. War Hound – “The Path Of The Wicked” – Casa de Diversion: Vol 1
  20. Architect – “Broke Dick Dog” – All Is Not Lost
  21. Indecision – “Purgatory” – Unorthodox

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