Back At The Lab

This is just another episode with the Gersch and me. We were trying to get Joey and Craig from Pushmen on, but they had to cancel. The conversation is all over the place, and the playlist is really good. As usual the audio can be found at Podomatic and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Sit back and enjoy.

Thank you again for listening.

  1. Pushmen – “Amass” – The Year of Hands and Neck
  2. Marat – “As Close As We Get” – Demo 2006
  3. Life’s Blood – “Not For The Weak” – Life’s Blood
  4. Modern Pain – “Outlet” – Cast Aside, Left Behind
  5. Panic – “Strength In Solitude” – Dying For It
  6. The Cancer Kids – “Q and A” – The Possible Dream
  7. Most Precious Blood – “Come What May” – Nothing In Vain
  8. Blue Ox – “Cement Head” – Stray Dogs On Pity Party Island
  9. The 244GL – “If Armageddon Comes It Will Be…” – Club of the Sons
  10. In First Person – “Deconstructing the I/IT” – Lost Between Hands Held Tight
  11. Doomriders – “Crooked Path” – Darkness Come Alive
  12. Buried Inside – “II” – Spoils of Failure
  13. End Times – “Pestilence” – Demo 2011
  14. Eightfifteen – “Descend” – Contrast
  15. Pig Destroyer – “Though Crime Spree” – Phantom Limb
  16. The Minor Times – “+++” – Summer Of Wolves
  17. Lords – “To Kill Or Die Trying” – Fuck All Y’all Mother Fuckers
  18. Neil Perry – “Looking Back On The Way You Want To Be In The Future” – Lineage Situation

One thought on “Back At The Lab

  1. will killian says:

    +1 for the idea of 2-3 songs from one band on the same podcast.

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