Monthly Archives: May 2013

Episode 32

After a long hiatus, The Gersch and I return with Episode 32. We will try to remain more consistent in future. Thanks for your patience. Also, I had to delete a few episodes to make space. I tried to keep most of the interviews up. Thanks for listening. You can find the audio at Radio Casbah, Podomatic, Stitcher Radio, and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.  Enjoy the show.

  1. Debt – “Go Home” – unreleased masters
  2. Discourse – “Early Grave” – s/t
  3. Pulled Under – “Depressed” – This Soon Shall Pass…
  4. Bolt Thrower – “Challenge For Power” – In Battle There Is No Law
  5. Integrity – “Abraxas Annihilation” – Humanity Is The Devil
  6. Pushmen – “Child Of Chaos” – The Sun Will Rise Soon on the False and the Fair
  7. Will To Live – “Old Habits Die Hard” – Old Habits Die Hard
  8. Nails – “god’s Cold Hands” – Abandon All Life
  9. Chest Pain – “Red River Wastewater” – Casa Diversion Vol. 4
  10. One Against Many -“It’s A Good Life” – It’s A Good Life
  11. Geranium – “Fashion Fuck Off” – Geranium
  12. Hierophant – “Son of the New Faith” – Great Mother: Holy Monster