Monthly Archives: February 2012

Episode 7.1

The Gersch and I continue our conversation with Posi Rich and Gjared.  Go to Radio Casbah, Podomatic, or iTunes to check it out.

  1. Undertow – “Cedar” – At Both Ends
  2. Season Of Fire – “Uncarved” – Torture Inhibition
  3. Indisgust – “With These Knives” – Demo
  4. The Separation – “No Exit” – No Exit
  5. Viduus – “Muzzled And Gagged” – Fearfully Awaiting the End
  6. Nine Iron Spitfire – “Less Than One” – 7″
  7. Hatred Surge – “Invega” – split with Mammoth Grinder

Rich, you’re too close to the mic!

This week The Gersch and I got to hang out with Gjared Robinson and Rich Elrath. This podcast was all over the place, but it was a lot of fun to do. This session ran a little long so I decided to make this a two-part episode. I hope that you have as much fun listening to this as we had recording it. As usual you can find the podcast at Radio Casbah and Podomatic or you can go to iTunes and search for Save It For The Breakdown. Thanks for listening.

  1. Endeavor – “Kill Traitors” – Constructive Semantics
  2. Burnt By The Sun – “Inner Station” – Heart Of Darkness
  3. Power Trip – “Hammer of Doubt” – America’s Hardcore Compilation
  4. North – “Ghosts Among Us” – What You Were
  5. Robert of the Square – “Dominio” – Time. Truth. Heart.
  6. Sled – “Parasitic Host” – Parasitic Host
  7. The End Of The Universe – “Wreckage” – You’re The Disease

Bandwidth Issue Resolved.

If you were having trouble downloading Episode 6 from iTunes, please try again. I had to upgrade my Podomatic account. I just tested it out myself, and it seems to be working fine. If you can’t get it today, try again tomorrow.

Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks for you patience.

Eat To Win

Welcome to Episode 6 of Save It For The Breakdown. In this episode The Gersch and I sit down with Darin Johnson and Chris Stiner of Metastasis Records. They allowed us the privilege to premier a new song from Band Of Mercy called Eat To Win that they will be releasing on the label soon. As usual you can find the podcast at Radio Casbah, Podomatic, and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Thank you for listening.

  1. Unbroken – “End of a Lifetime” – Life. Love. Regret.
  2. Revenge – “Sleep Deprivation” – Frustrations
  3. Band Of Mercy – “Eat To Win” – Conquest
  4. 1.6 Band – “An Awful Jerk” – The Checkered Pasts of All Kings Present
  5. Alpinist – “Subjection” – Masakari/Alpinist Split
  6. Cutting Losses – “Island” – Endless
  7. Heartless – “End of the Line” – 7″
  8. Sacred Love – “What’s Left of This World?” – Dividing Lines
  9. Botch – “Thank God For Worker Bees” – American Nervoso
  10. Black God – “Partisan” – Black God
  11. They And The Children – “Mechanical” – Home
  12. Suffering Quota – “II” – Demo 2011

Down But Not Out

Welcome to Episode 5 of Save It For The Breakdown. This podcast was recorded while my internet connection was down. The Gersch and I took the opportunity to discuss our punk/hardcore experiences prior to the internet.

As usual you can find the podcast at Radio Casbah, Podomatic, and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

  1. The Hope Conspiracy – “It Meant Nothing” – Demo
  2. Grieved – “Clouds” – Ageing
  3. Maruta – “Stagnation Routine” – Forward Into Regression
  4. Endpoint – “Caste” – Catharsis
  5. Zombie Apocalypse – “The Dead in the Queue” – This is a Spark of Life
  6. Manliftingbanner – “If” – 10 Inches That Shook the World
  7. Threadbare – “Dive” – Feeling Older Faster
  8. Repercussions – “Savage Mutilation” – 7”
  9. Dead Heroes – “One More Creature Dizzy With Love” – Love is a Dog From Hell
  10. Chest Pain – “Getting Old” – Chest Pain
  11. Old Poets – “Issues” – Demo 2012
  12. Bucket Full of Teeth – “Lost Keys” – II
  13. Ink & Dagger – “Full Circle” – Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart
  14. Disembodied – “Enochian Prayer” – Psalms of Sheol
  15. Wasteland – “Winds of Change” – S/T