Down But Not Out

Welcome to Episode 5 of Save It For The Breakdown. This podcast was recorded while my internet connection was down. The Gersch and I took the opportunity to discuss our punk/hardcore experiences prior to the internet.

As usual you can find the podcast at Radio Casbah, Podomatic, and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

  1. The Hope Conspiracy – “It Meant Nothing” – Demo
  2. Grieved – “Clouds” – Ageing
  3. Maruta – “Stagnation Routine” – Forward Into Regression
  4. Endpoint – “Caste” – Catharsis
  5. Zombie Apocalypse – “The Dead in the Queue” – This is a Spark of Life
  6. Manliftingbanner – “If” – 10 Inches That Shook the World
  7. Threadbare – “Dive” – Feeling Older Faster
  8. Repercussions – “Savage Mutilation” – 7”
  9. Dead Heroes – “One More Creature Dizzy With Love” – Love is a Dog From Hell
  10. Chest Pain – “Getting Old” – Chest Pain
  11. Old Poets – “Issues” – Demo 2012
  12. Bucket Full of Teeth – “Lost Keys” – II
  13. Ink & Dagger – “Full Circle” – Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart
  14. Disembodied – “Enochian Prayer” – Psalms of Sheol
  15. Wasteland – “Winds of Change” – S/T

2 thoughts on “Down But Not Out

  1. drewxblood says:

    another great playlist

  2. rich says:

    Old Poets 1st show with black lantern, ivyleaguetx and more 3/22

    2/17 We Are Empire, Carrion Decay, Last Legs (sa), Kruds (SA), Esclavo, Dethrone. 9pm

    2/18 Just Sayin’, No Hope In Texas (SA), One Against Many, Band of mercy (HTX), Will To Live (HTX) 9pm

    2/22 laughing dogs, catheter, chest pain, more

    2/24 Gospel and the Wolf, A New Hope, Goodbye Endeavour, Look Mexico, Daytrader (ny rise recs) 8pm

    2/25 Legion Coop Cafe Benefit featuring Vomet, Michael O’Connor

    3/3 in defence (mn), esclavo and more

    3/6 pedals on our pirate ships (richmond va)

    3/15 hc/metal fest w/ all pigs must die, clinging to.., vestiges, former thieves, code orange kids, dead see,
    she rides, the atlas moth, illustrations, sky burial and lots more. 6pm
    3/15 lovitt records day party w/ narrows, sleepytime trio reunion, regents and more 11-6. free

    3/22 black lantern, ivyleaguetx, old poets and more

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