Welcome To My World

This week The Gersch and I ramble on about random things. I feel like I should just hit the record button and let it run because most of our best conversations happen when we’re not recording. I find myself telling The Gersch to be quiet or to save his thoughts so that we can record them. We’ll get better at this as time goes on. I’m having fun putting these together, and I hope that you all are having fun listening to them.

You can find the podcast in iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown. We are also on Podomatic and Radio Casbah.

Thank you all again for listening. Enjoy.

  1. Bloodlet – “Brainchild” – Entheogen
  2. Gaza – “He is Never Coming Back” – He is Never Coming Back
  3. Union Of Uranus – ” Circumstance” – Double 7″
  4. Kiss It Goodbye – “Target Practice” – Choke e.p.
  5. Pg. 99 – “Life In A Box” – Document #8
  6. Night Siege – “Mind Trap” – Power Of Death
  7. Black Lantern – “False Idol Worship” – Demo
  8. Dead In The Dirt – “Disease” – Fear
  9. Celebrity Murders – “Proxy Violence” – Time To Kill Space
  10. The Power & The Glory – “Call Me Armageddon” – Call Me Armageddon
  11. Ghostlimb – “Construction” – Infrastructure
  12. Carry On – “A Life Less Plagued” – A Life Less Plagued

2 thoughts on “Welcome To My World

  1. will killian says:


    I really dug seeing Bloodlet the 2 times I saw them in Tyler.

  2. rich says:

    black lantern, ivyleague tx, old poets and more mar 22nd @the annex

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