Episode 3.1

This is second part of the interview with Drew X Blood.

  1. Torchbearer – ” Hollow” – The Dirty Swagger
  2. To Kill – “Hollow” – When Blood Turns To Stone
  3. The Enemy Within -“All This Will End” – Demo
  4. Cutting Losses – “Oh, Indeed” – Endless
  5. Groundwork – “A Prayer For The Dead” – Today We Will Not Be Invisible Nor Silent
  6. Aerosols – “Niche Market” – 1st LP
  7. Jowls – “Dan” – Jowls/The Reptilian split

3 thoughts on “Episode 3.1

  1. Amit says:

    I sing for Torchbearer. Just wanted to say thanks for checking out our record..

  2. rich says:

    Can’t remember what i was gonna say oh yeah
    txhc on fb

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