Oh, Indeed!

Welcome to Episode 3 of Save It For The Breakdown.

In this episode The Gersch and I sit down and talk with Drew Schwemer A.K.A. Drew X Blood A.K.A #KillMe. Drew is the vocalist for Cutting Losses as well as the Straight Edge band XOffedX. On top of being a hardcore vocalist, Drew is also an M.C., so we also spend a good chunk of time talking about hip-hop as well as hardcore.

As usual most of the best conversations and exchanges happened off mic, but after going back to listen to everything, I think that we covered a lot of ground. This was a fun conversation, and it ran a bit long. So long in fact that this will be a two-part episode. Episode 3 and Episode 3.1

As usual I want to thank everyone for listening, Radio Mike for hosting, and Drew X Blood for coming to hang out. Drew, you are welcome to be a recurring guest if you like.

You can find the podcast on iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown. We are also on Podmatic and Radio Casbah.  Please feel free to follow us on Twitter as well.

  1. Garuda – “Doomed From The Start” – Cold Wired Sentiment
  2. Bitter End – “Guilty As Charged” – Guilty As Charged
  3. Will To Live – “In The Broken Glass” – Tested and True
  4. Litany For The Whale – “A Wake” – Dolores
  5. Enabler – “No Love No Hope No Fear” – War Begins With You
  6. 108 – ” Reduced” – 18:61
  7. XOffedX – “Rage” – Demo 2011
  8. Birds In Row – “Orange Disease” – Rise Of The Phoenix
  9. Throats – “My Hands Are Cold” – S/T
  10. Wisdom In Chains – “Chasing The Dragon” – Everything You Know
  11. I Am Heresy – “I Am Heresy” – Demo

One thought on “Oh, Indeed!

  1. rich says:

    on my side were from spring/htown
    good show

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