…Idle No More!!!

Welcome to the second episode of SIFTB. We want to thank all of our friends for listening to the first episode. Now tell all of your friends to listen as well.

I had fun putting this one together. The Gersch and I dug up some old Austin, Texas hardcore from the early 1990s, and we also included some more recent Austin bands as well.

Until we raise the money, we will be hosting the podcast at Podmatic. You can also find the podcast in iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown. If you do go to iTunes, please feel free to leave a review. We are working with Radio Mike to get things going on Radio Casbah. Hopefully the first two episodes with be up and running there soon.

Bands, labels, and musicians we’d love to play your music on our podcast. You don’t have to send us a whole record or anything. It can be just one song that you would want to get out to the people.

Thanks again for listening.

  1. Refused – “It’s Not O.K.”,”Crusader of Hopelessness” – Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent
  2. All Else Failed – “One Seven Three” – Good Enough for the Girls We Roll With
  3. Intent – “Once and for All” – Empty 7″
  4. Still Standing – “Still Standing” – 1st Demo
  5. Anomie – “Antilogy” – There Is A Light
  6. Meadowlark – “Days of Our Lives” – 7″
  7. Narrows – “Sea Witch” – New Distances
  8. Oathbreaker – “Sink Into Sin” – Maelstrom
  9. Early Graves – “Ballistics” – We: The Guillotine
  10. Black Kites – “Alive on Arrival” – Black Kites/Convulsions split
  11. Children Of God – “Desolate” – Seven Sisters of Sleep/Children Of God Split
  12. Flood Peak – “The Waiting” – Filling Flasks
  13. Just Sayin – “Modern Problems” – It’s About Attitude
  14. Pushmen – “The Year of Hands and Neck” – The Year of Hands and Neck

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