It’s A Good Life

Welcome to the first episode of Save It For the Breakdown.

This first episode was a little rough. We lost the audio for while recording because GarageBand decide to freeze up and shut down. It sucks because we had an awesome conversation going, and when we tried to get going again, the momentum that we started with was totally gone. That’s okay. We’ll try it again next week.

On a positive note we were able to play lots of good music, and I think that the audio quality of the conversation was pretty good since we only used one mic.

You can find the podcast here or on iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown, and we can also be found at Radio Casbah.

Bands and musicians please get in touch. If you play punk/hardcore/metal or something that falls somewhere in within those genres get in touch. We’d love to play your music. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to do interviews as well.

Speaking of getting in touch our email address is saveitforthebreakdown [at] gmail [dot] com. Send your love, hate, and other criticisms here.

Well enjoy the podcast. Thank you in advance for listening.


  1. Skin Like Iron – “Chained” – Descent Into Light
  2. Burn Your Life Down – “A Touch Of Suffering” – Demonstration
  3. Downfall Of Gaia – “Luftschloss” – Epos
  4. Tempest – “Redefintion” – Passages
  5. Burn Everything – “Ghost Of The Waves” – Last Run Through The Ruins
  6. Pulling Teeth – “From Birth” – Funerary
  7. Punch – “Do It Yourself” – Nothing Lasts
  8. Masakari – “XIX.Void Manufacturing” – Masakari/Alpinist split
  9. Cutting Losses – “One Deep” – Endless
  10. The Burden – “Depressed Breath” – Catholic Guilt

2 thoughts on “It’s A Good Life

  1. Damian says:

    Thanks for playing Burn Everything!

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