Modern Problems

This week we had Gary Kring from Just Sayin on the podcast. We talk about everything from hardcore to our love for Spider-Man.

Thanks for checking us out. You can find the podcast on iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown or by going to Podomatic.

  1. Battery – “In Our Hands” – Until The End
  2. By The Grace Of God – “Beneath The Blue” – Perspective
  3. Just Sayin -“Do Something” – It’s About Attitude
  4. Burn Everything – “Hollow Victory” – Hollow Victory 7″
  5. Drift – “Fade” – 7″
  6. Crispus Attucks – “The Fight Remains The Same” -Red Black Blood Attack
  7. Harness – “Decline” – Victim Of Suffering
  8. Striking Distance – “Fail Me” – The Fuse Is Lit
  9. Voorhees – “Pissed”
  10. Capacities – “Booker Tells It” – Preliminary Recording
  11. Tempest – “Solace I” – Solace
  12. Outlook – “Vision” – Vision
  13. Rotten Sound – “Addict” – Cursed
  14. Cruel Hand – “Fact Or Fiction” – Without A Pulse
  15. Just Sayin – “Modern Problems” – It’s About Attitude

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