And We’re Back!

After a month long hiatus, The Gersch and I return for Episode 9. Hopefully we’ll post podcasts consistently for awhile. Thanks in advance for listening. Enjoy.

To listen to the podcast go to Podomatic or search iTunes for Save It For The Breakdown.

  1. Youth Of Today – “Flame Still Burns” – We’re Not In This Alone
  2. Mankind – “Hollow” – EP
  3. Black Cop – “Kicked In” – Demo
  4. Little Sister  – “Idols To Dust” – Repercussions
  5. Exalt – ” Misled” – Breach False Minds
  6. All Pigs Must Die – ” Pulverization” – God Is War
  7. Godbelow – “Still Not Quite Suicide” – Painted Images With The Blood Of…
  8. I Rise – “Status Call” – For Redemption
  9. Power Trip – “Suffer No Fool” – 7″
  10. Darkest Hour – “Eclipse” – Mark Of The Judas
  11. Ion Dissonance – “You People Are Messed Up” – Cursed
  12. Nora – “Kill You For A Dollar” – Loser’s Intuition

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