Episode 65



Hello Everybody!

Welcome to Episode 65 of Save It For The Breakdown!

This time around I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Patrick Garcia, the vocalist of San Antonio, Texas Hardcore bands: Afflictive Nature and The Unit. He is also the bassist for Stacked Against.

This episode was recorded during a show in San Antonio, Texas at a small DIY venue called The Nite Lite. Please excuse the background noise. A California Hardcore band called Step For Change were playing at the time.

You can find the audio for the podcast at Podomatic, Stitcher, and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy the episode.

  1. Stacked Against – “Criticize” – Demo 2015
  2. Afflictive Nature – “Beneath The Streets” – Strictly Savage

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