Oh Canada!

canadian flag

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to Episode 35 of Save It For The Breakdown. In this episode The Gersch and I play and talk about Canadian Hardcore.

You can find the audio for the show at Podomatic, Stitcher Radio, Radio Casbah, and in iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy the show.

  1. Tempest – “Hierarchy of Greed” – Passages
  2. Ion Dissonance – “Substantial Guilt Vs. The Irony Of Enjoying” – Breathing Is Irrelevant
  3. One Eyed God Prophecy – “End Of The Story” – s/t
  4. Swallowing Shit – “You’re Not Old School You’re Just Old” – 7″
  5. To The Lions – “Nightmare Begims” – Baptism of Fire
  6. No Warning – “Behind These Walls” – Ill Blood
  7. Propagandhi – “Failed States” – Failed States
  8. Picked On – “Snakepit” – Demo
  9. Cryptopsy – “…And Then It Passes” – And Then You’ll Beg
  10. Union Of Uranus – “Pedestal” – Double 7″
  11. Drift – “Swindle” – 7″
  12. KEN mode – “Extending Commom Courtesy Throughout The Evening” – Mennonite
  13. Chokehold – “Regression” – Content With Dying
  14. Left For Dead – “Nice Place To Raise Children” – The Difference Between Us Compilation

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