Episode 34


Hello Everybody!

This is episode 34.  We didn’t talk about much, but it’s still always fun to hang out with The Gersch and talk about music.

On a side note check out really good photos from Chaos in Tejas from one of our previous guests, Steven Ruud.


Thanks for checking us out. You can find the audio for the show at Podomatic, Radio Casbah, Stitcher Radio, and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Enjoy the show.

  1. Undertow – “At Both Ends” – At Both Ends
  2. Nineironspitfire – Less Than One – s/t 7″
  3. Most Precious Blood – “Sincerely” – Nothing In Vain
  4. Turmoil – “Staring Back” – Anchor
  5. Commit Suicide – “Transient” – Synthetics
  6. Pig Destroyer – “Kamikaze Heart” – Book Burner
  7. the_Network – “From Holy Water to Holy Wars” – Bishop Kent Manning
  8. Luddite Clone – “Circle Template” – The Arsonist and the Architect
  9. Magrudergrind – “Elitist Have No Place In Hardcore” – Don’t Support Humanitary Aid Led By The Church
  10. Negative Male Child – “Slipping” – Little Brother
  11. Dodewaard – “Haunted By A Cyberpunk From The Past” – Arse Moreira
  12. There Were Wires – “Getcryptic” – Somnambulists
  13. Agnostic Front – “Victim In Pain” – Victim In Pain

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