Primed to deliver one million ass beatings!

Daniel Truth of Band Of Mercy stopped by last week to spread the word. I should have had this up sooner, but life sometimes gets in the way.

I want to thank Darin Johnson of I’m always using his photos on this blog. Make sure that you check out his site.

Thank you all for listening.  The podcast can be found at Podomatic and also in iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

  1. Gorilla Biscuits – ” Cats and Dogs” – Start Today
  2. Earth Crisis – “New Ethic” – Destroy The Machines
  3. Band Of Mercy – ” Conquest” – Conquest
  4. Cattle Decapitation – “Testicular Manslaughter” – To Serve Man
  5. Celeste – “Il y a biens des porcs que ca…..” – Morte(s) Nee(s)
  6. Alpinist – “Steps” – Masakari/Alpinist Split
  7. Die Young(TX) – “Believe In Nothing” – The Message
  8. Ignite – “Holding On” – Past Our Means
  9. Swallowed Up – “At Days End” – Black Kites/Swallowed Up Split
  10. Expire -“Just Fine” – Pendulum Swings
  11. Bankrobber – “Extinction” – If God Is Love Then Hate Is Real
  12. Nomads – “Slaughterhouse” – Night.Owls//Mayhem.Aficionados//Death
  13. Earth Crisis – “To The Death” – To The Death

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