The Battle Against Inanimate Objects

Eric Reeves dropped by to hang out and talk about music, skateboarding, and powerlifting. It was a lot of fun having him on, but we forgot to argue about Gorilla Biscuits and Civ.
Thanks for listening.
You can hear the podcast on Podomatic or search iTunes for Save It For The Breakdown.
  1. Cryptic Slaughter – “M.A.D.” – Convicted
  2. D.R.I. – “Snap” – Dealing With It
  3. The Rebel Sound – “The Best Revenge Is…” – Demo
  4. Down To Nothing – “Higher Learning” – The Most
  5. Leeway – “Mark Of The Squealer” – Born To Expire
  6. The Rebel Sound – “Apologist ” – Demo
  7. Just Short Of Living – “Blue Skies Ahead” – Demo
  8. Death Before Dishonor – “Count Me In” – Count Me In
  9. E-Town Concrete – “Baptism” – The Renaissance
  10. Damnation A. D. – “Another Day of Darkness” – Misericordia
  11. Cyborg – “Tough Love” – Demo
  12. Capsule – “You Will Need” – Cassette Tape
  13. Engineer – “Drunk On Blood” – Crooked Voices
  14. Backstabbers Inc. – “Even Slaves Will Be Swimming in the Blood…” – Kamikaze Missions

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