Episode 70

Chris Pferrer

Dave Tear It Up

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to episode 70 of Save It For The Breakdown!

This time around I have the privilege of speaking with Chris Pfeffer and Dave Ackerman of the new Austin, Texas hardcore band, Obedience. We also talk about their previous projects: Tear It Up, Dead Nation, Divergents, Severed Head Of State, Signal Lost, Criaturas, and a ton of others.

Also please check out the Obedience demo at their Bandcamp

You can find the audio for the episode at Podomatic, Stitcher, and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy the show.

  1. Signal Lost – “Simulation” – Prosthetic Screams
  2. Criaturas – “Espiritu De Libertad” – Espiritu De Libertad
  3. Meadowlark – “Days Of Our Lives” – 7″
  4. Dead Nation – “Face The Nation” – Passing Phase
  5. Tear It Up – “Don’t Call Me Tonight” – Nothing To Nothing
  6. Severed Head Of State – “Shame Of The Cross” – Anathema Device

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