Episode 54



Welcome to Episode 54 of Save It For The Breakdown!

This week The Gersch and I talk to Brian Chamblee of the hardcore bands For Want Of and Chest Pain. Brian also talks about booking house shows in Austin, Texas and the Austin Blood Alliance DIY.

You can find the audio for the show at Podomatic, Stitcher, and iTunes by search for Save It For The Breakdown.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy the show.

  1. Chest Pain – “Culturalized” – Weltschmerz
  2. Parents – “Change” – Low Life
  3. Asschapel – “Rotting The Body” – Rotting The Body
  4. Deathrite – “Failure of Existence” – Into Extinction
  5. Chest Pain – “Wolfs Den” – Weltschmerz
  6. Capacities – “Bumper Sticker Education” – s/t
  7. Aerosols – “Reagan Was Reagan” – 3rd 7″
  8. Premonitions of War – “Covered In Lights” – Left In Kowloon
  9. For Want Of – “Echo Chamber” – Deep In The Heart of (V/A Compilation)


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