Episode 52


Hello Everybody!

Welcome to Episode 52 of Save It For The Breakdown. Last week The Gersch and I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Mark Twistworthy. In the past 25 years Mr. Twistworthy has been a major contributor to the Texas punk/hardcore scene. He’s pretty much done it all from fanzine editor to musician.

You can find the audio for the show at Podomatic, Stitcher Radio, or iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown. Thank you for listening. Enjoy the show.

  1. Indecision – “Through The Wastelands Go Searching We” – Release The Cure
  2. Breather Resist – “Rock N’ Mass” – Breather Resist/Suicide Note split
  3. Blase – “Fyre” – Houston Hardcore Mixtape
  4. Dead In The Dirt – “Cop” – The Blind Hole
  5. Weekend Nachos – “S.C.A.B.” – Still
  6. Gaza – “This We Celebrate” – No Absolutes In Human Suffering
  7. Whips/Chains – “Secular Front” – Master/Slave

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