Episode 49


Hello Everbody!

Welcome to Episode 49 of Save It For The Breakdown.

On this episode we talk to Jim ‘Straight Edge’ Koppenhaver about the 1980s punk/hardcore scene in Austin, Texas.

You can find the audio for the podcast at Podomatic, Stitcher, and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy the show.

  1. Disembodied – “Enochian Prayer” – Psalms of Sheol
  2. Die Young(TX) – “Chosen Path” – Chosen Path
  3. End Times – “Pestilence” – Demo 2011
  4. Palm – “Holy Outsiders” – My Darkest Friends
  5. Plagues – “Dull Fangs Against The Concrete” – Perfect State
  6. Doomriders – “Heavy Lies The Crown” – Darkness Come Alive


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