Episode 38


Welcome to Episode 38 of Save It For The Breakdown. The Gersch and I are back after a lengthy hiatus. Hopefully we can stay consistent, but I won’t make any promises. We welcome back Gary Kring of the Austin, Texas Hardcore band, Just Sayin’ along with fellow band member Landon Lewis. This is a long episode but a good one, and think that you all will enjoy it.

As usual you can find the audio for the podcast at iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown, Podomatic, and Stitcher Radio.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy the show.

  1.  Bleed The Pigs – “(System)Control – Demo
  2. Just Sayin’ – “No Substance” – The Austin Pack
  3. Seizures – “Product of a Time Loss Scenario” – The Sanity Universal
  4. Just Sayin’ – “Recognize Who?” – The Austin Pack
  5. Headache – “Demoralizer” – Demo
  6. Throats – “I Love Turbulence” – Rolo Tomassi/Throats
  7. Cross Me – “Motive” – Demo
  8. Just Sayin’ – “Come and Take It” – The Austin Pack

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