SXSW Wrap Up

Hello Everybody and welcome to Episode 31 of Save It For The Breakdown.

In this episode The Gersch and I discuss our SXSW adventures or rather our lack of adventure.

As always thank you for listening. The audio for the show can be found at Podomatic, Radio Casbah, Stitcher Radio, or iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Enjoy the show.

  1. Homewrecker – “Wreck/Worms and Dirt” – Worms and Dirt
  2. Octaves – “Absent Kids Count” – Greener Pastures
  3. Absinthe – “Paid In Nails” – Absinthe 10″
  4. Full Of Hell – “The Bed Is Burning” – Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
  5. Kill The Client – “Fraudulent Rule” – Kill The Client EU Tour 12″ Split
  6. All Out War – “Condemned To Suffer” –¬†Condemned To Suffer
  7. Unholy – “Variola” – Blood Of The Medusa
  8. Torchbearer – “Hollow” – The Dirty Swagger
  9. Code Of Honor – “Code Of Honor” – Complete Studio Recordings 1982-1984
  10. When Tigers Fight – “Fuck Tonight” – When Tigers Fight
  11. Abolitionist – “Don’t Call It A Coup” – The Growing Disconnect
  12. Sorry Excuse – “Normalcy” – Sorry Excuse
  13. The Rival Mob – “The Brutes Of Force” – Mob Justice

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