The Return of Drew X Blood

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to Episode 28 of Save It For The Breakdown. We had Drewxblood back on the show!

It is a long overdue episode, and I’d like to thank The Gersch and Drewxblood for their patience, but it’s finally up. We talk about the last Cutting Losses show, hip-hop, hardcore, and other nonsense.

You can find the audio for the show at Podomatic, Stitcher Radio, Radio Casbah, and iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Thanks for listening. Enjoy the show.

  1. Cutting Losses – “Vexed” – Unreleased Track
  2. Afflictive Nature – “Beneath The Streets” – Strictly Savage
  3. Cloud Rat – “A01 Inkblot” – Moksha
  4. Regents – “Please Feel Me Dear Human” – Antietam After Party
  5. Column – “Quit” – Demo ’13
  6. Growning Stronger – “Rules To Live By” – Toxic Fumes
  7. Down To Nothing – “Higher Learnng” – The Most
  8. Pushmen – “The Year of Hands and Neck” – The Year of Hands and Neck
  9. Deathbed – “Grasp” – Reduced To Nothing
  10. No Zodiac – “Irreversible” – Population Control

2 thoughts on “The Return of Drew X Blood

  1. Can i interview you guys for the d.i.y. Issue of family business?

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