Episode 24 The Pre Show

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to Episode 24. It’s been awhile, but we finally got another one up. I would like to be more consistent in getting these put out, but work and other obligations always seem to get in the way.

Well it’s finally here so enjoy it. The Gersch and I called this one the pre show because we recorded it before Halloween and before Fun Fun Fun Fest.  Lots of good music as usual. You can find the  audio at iTunes by searching for Save It For the Breakdown, Podomatic, Radio Casbah, and Stitcher Radio for those of you listening on your smartphones.

Enjoy the show.

  1. I Am Heresy – “The Sycophant” – I Am Heresy
  2. Devout – “Narcissistic Supply” – Devout
  3. Von Drakus – “No Hope” – The End
  4. Pig Destroyer – “Iron Drunk” – Book Burner
  5. Xaphan – “V” – The $0.00 EP: 2012 Demo Re-Revisited
  6. Kill The Client – “Hammer The Red Button” – Kill The Client EU tour 12″ Split
  7. Early Graves – “Misery” – Red Horse
  8. Capacities – “Waking Up At The Doctor” – Capacities/Coma Regalia Split
  9. Napalm Death – “Will By Mouth” – Converge/Napalm Death Split
  10. Converge – “No Light Escapes” – Converge/Napalm Death Split
  11. Converge – “Aimless Arrow” – All We Love We Leave Behind
  12. Commit Suicide – “With Not Distaste” – Misery Index/Commit Suicide Split

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