Save It For The Breakdance

This episode was all about hip-hop. We love hip-hop just as much as we love hardcore. It was a lot of fun to put this one together, and we hope to do more in the future.

You can find the recording at Podomatic, Radio Casbah, or iTunes by searching for Save It For The Breakdown.

Thanks for listening. Enjoy the show.

  1. Jeru The Damaja – “Come Clean” – The Sun Rises In The East
  2. Boogie Down Productions – “My Philosophy” – By All Means Necessary
  3. A Tribe Called Quest – “Jazz (We’ve Got)” – The Low End Theory
  4. Hieroglyphics – “You Never Knew” – 3rd Eye Vision
  5. Rakim – “Casualties Of War” – The 18th Letter – The Book of Life
  6. Ice Cube – “Jackin’ For Beats” – AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted
  7. The Last Emperor – “Meditation” – Palace Of The Pretender
  8. Riders Against The Storm – “Danger Zone” – Speak The Truth
  9. Invincible – “Sledgehammer!” – Shape Shifters
  10. Mr. Lif – “Breathe” – I Heard It Today
  11. Xzibit – “Paparazzi” – At The Speed Of Life
  12. Five Deez – “Sunny Day” – Slow Children Playing
  13. Gang Starr – “Speak Ya Clout” – Hard To Earn
  14. Immortal Technique – “Mark Of The Beast” – The Martyr

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